Dec 14, 2012

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Endangered Species

The tree mural

Color Assignment - Sweden

Visual Journalism

Modern Fairy Tales

Decue's Final review

The Little Mermaid

The little mermaid visits the surface of her father's underwater kingdom for the first time. She sees a fishing boat and swims closer to it our of curiosity, but soon learns that she has made a mistake as she becomes tangled in the fishing net that she tries to swim through. The sea witch recognizes this opportunity and causes a storm that frees the little mermaid from the net, but also sends one of the fisherman overboard. The little mermaid saves his life and instantly grows attached to him, even though she does not reveal herself to him. The sea witch asks the little mermaid a favor in return for saving her life: she must convince the humans of the surface to spend more on bigger boats and bigger nets to catch more fish by the end of three days or she will perish like she was supposed to in the net. The little mermaid must fight for her life by enlisting the help of the fisherman that she saved, the only human she has ever come into contact with. However, her conscious tells her that saving her life may mean the death of far more creatures than just fish. She knows that dolphins, sharks, and other sea creatures get caught in fishing nets and die horrible deaths as well. What will the little mermaid choose to do?

fairy tales project

Cinderella works in the zoo and has a mouse as a friend. One day she passes by a cage. The tiger inside slowly walks near her, staring at her. That evening Cinderella tells the mouse, and he says that the tiger is a quiet guy who always sits by the wall of his cage, looking at the sea far away from the zoo, and seems to have a lot of things going on in his mind. Cinderella become very curious about the tiger. The next day when Cinderella leaves her house to work, she put the mouse in a pocket of her uniform.

They pass by the same cage, and the mouse pokes his head out of the pocket and waves at the tiger. He steps forward, leaning at the side of the cage, and says “My home needs me.” The mouse whispers to Cinderella about the tiger’s homesickness, “Everyone here loves to stay in the zoo, but he wants to go home.” Cinderella pities the tiger, so she opens the cage and lets him out.

The tiger is actually the prince of a kingdom on a big island. He passes through the forest to the seashore, and he roars at the sea. A while later his father the king comes to him through the sea with his guards. The king swings his magic wane at his son. Immediately the prince is in his royal clothes. He tells his father how his guards who are trying to defend him are shot in the forest by several men from the zoo and how he is captured, but then Cinderella lets him out. Astonished, the king says, “We should go thank her!”

They come to the zoo to find Cinderella. She is sweeping the floor. The prince steps forward, holds her hand and says, “Thanks for freeing me.” Cinderella is confused. Then the mouse in her pocket recognizes the prince as the tiger, and he tells her about it. She is surprised and becomes speechless. The king uses his magic and turns Cinderella’s shirt, trousers, and apron into an elegant dress with high heels and luxurious jewelries, and turns the mouse into a servant. Cinderella and the servant look at each other with surprise. The prince says to Cinderella, “will you marry me?” She is so happy that her eyes are filled with tears, and she promises. The couple and the others then leave the zoo and go back to the king’s castle. They get married and live happily on the island.

The Troll Of Big Mountain

katharine anderson Semester review