Nov 1, 2012

The four first parents. Red - Green - White - Yellow

Most Native American cultures use the concept of four Cardinal directions as a basis for their cosmology. The specifics may vary according to clan, geographic location and lore. As seen below, the four directions are a symbolic not only at a personal level, but also a framework for political, social and ceremonial aspects.

Red - Balam Kitze
One of the four first parents
The East, where the sun rises, is the region of light and blood and a source of happiness. Its color is red, and it represents maturity in life: adulthood in human beings and ripeness in corn, fruit, and other crops. The east also stands for authority and spiritual leadership.
"We place offerings where the sun rises because the sun is the inheritance that our Grandparents left us. The sun is important because it gives us life and strengthens us. It's important that every morning we greet the Lord Sun"
Don Marinio Ico

Green - Balam Akab
One of the four first parents

The West is related to death and farkness, maize, human hair, and the color black. For the Q’eq’chi’ Maya, death is a continuation of life, not its end. Life is a series of changes – from seed to plant, day to night, and child to parent. Death is one these changes.
“We offer prayers toward the west because our Grandparents taught us to also have contact with darkness. We cannot walk in the darkness without a little bit of light, so one ahs to have contact with the sun as well as with the darkness”
Don Mariano Ico

White - Ikib’ Alam
One of the four first parents
White is the color of the North.
Teeth, bones, the whites of the eyes and eyesight, growth, children, and education are linked to the North.
“When we offer prayers toward the north we mention the name of Ikib’alam. Our Grandparents knew that air was needed for life, and without air we would not exist. For that reason it is important to talk to Ikib’alam, so that he may protect us, so that nothing bad may happen to us”.
Dom Mariano Ico

Yellow - Maju Kutaj
One of the four first grandparents
The beginning of life lies in the south. Yellow is the color of the South, the color of seeds, water, maternity, and birth. Just as air comes from the north, so it blow to the south. The south also symbolizes the beginning of people’s connections to nature and to one another.
“ For our Grandparens the south was the birthplace of water. They reffered to it as Maju Kutaj, because he is the one in charge of water. We are composed of water. It is part of our life. It is for that reason that we ask the south, so that we may never lack for water"
Don Mariano Ico

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