Oct 10, 2012

Waste Recycle at Mica

Dear MICA Community,
    Thank you for your efforts in helping MICA recycle and compost.  We ask that you continue to recycle your waste whenever possible.  MICA participates in single-stream recycling, which means that all recyclable items can be placed together into any recycling waste container.  Recycling waste containers are located throughout every building on campus.  Single-stream recycling containers are identified with round, green, single-stream stickers, or use the blue recycling bins. Landfill containers have round, red stickers on them.
    Most items disposed of at MICA can be recycled and should be recycled.  Besides the obvious benefits of reusing materials and not placing them into a landfill, recycling also saves money.  The cost difference between disposing of items in a landfill and recycling is significant.  Therefore let's make every effort to capture as much waste in the recycling stream as possible.  With the exception of food waste, hazardous waste, glass, stone, and certain art mediums, there are few items that cannot be placed into our single-stream recycling containers.

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