Dec 6, 2012

3 little pigs

3 little pigs.  

Once upon a time, there were three little pigs.  Each pig lived in different houses.  The first two pigs were incredibly wasteful.  The first pig liked to watch television and leave everything plugged in and on.  He never cared about conserving energy.  The second pig did the same thing, and also relied on his car far too much, even though he only lived a few blocks away from the town.  The third pig however cared very much about sustainability.  He grew his own vegetables and lived in an eco friendly house.  His house was powered solely but solar panels and wind turbines.  He also hates pollution and instead of using a car, loves to ride his bike everywhere.  One day there was a horrible hurricane and the entire town completely lost power for days.  The first pig could no longer watch television, or see around his house.  The same thing happened to the second pig, except a tree had fallen on his car and he could no longer drive around town for groceries.  The third pig however, never lost power because of his wind turbines.  He never had to worry about food because he grew his own.  When the town could no longer take living with out power they came to stay with the third, energy saving pig.  


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