Dec 6, 2012

Little Red

Little Red in modern life

Little Red's grandmother lives at urban center. Every time little red visits her grandmother must go through a small suburb forest. One day, when she went through the suburb she noticed that all the trees were cut because of the needs of wood for the industry such as disposable chopsticks. A wolf was following her behind, and it could not find a tree to hide. 

Little Red noticed the wolf and ran fast to the city. When she arrived to the city, there was a truck which was going to catch and hit dogs around the city found the wolf, then the wolf was caught and locked in a cage and sent away by the truck.  When Little Red was wandering in the city, there were no more plants in the city, people just engaged in building skyscrapers which made the city crowded and mechanic. Without trees, the quality of the air was bad and the sky was covered by a grey polluted smoke from the cars. Little Red was concerned her grandmother's living environment in the city. 

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