Dec 6, 2012

The Troll, The Boy, And The Goats

Based off the old troll of big mountain

Olle lives in a cottage on the edge of the woods with his parents.

olle’s family is very poor and only have 2 goats that can give milk but not babies- each time a goat dies they have to buy a new one from the company

they are very poor because of this and rely on the company like everyone else in the town.

olle’s parents tell him to beware of the old troll that lives in the forest, because it steals goats. That and everyone is afraid of trolls

 He befriends it anyway, and it gives him goats that can have babies.

He shares these goats with the rest of the town. They prosper and kick out the company who was giving them bad goats.

Because of this, everybody learns to love the troll.

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